Water Heart Foundation
For The Community

The Water Heart Foundation for the Community was established in 2014 by a group of devoted Christians who are hoping to reach our helping hands to the community in Thailand. 

Our mission is to:

We have been planning different events to put our vision into practice.  We would like to see more and more partners who possess the same vision to join forces with us.

Below is a list of items that could help those in need:

1.    Clothes (school uniforms, warm jackets, trousers) and footwear.
2.    Sports equipment (various kinds of balls and racquets)
3.    Stationery
4.    Blankets
5.    Rice and dried food (canned food)
6.    Money or any other resources that you would like to share

Your participation, prayers and donations are much appreciated.  
Should you have any inquiries, please contact our chairperson.

Yours Faithfully,
Ms. Nita
Chairperson of the Water Heart Foundation for the Community